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Uranus is one of the most outer planets in the system. It will have a slow orbit through the zodiac. It will have an effect that is more easily felt in a generation than person by person. The planet Uranus has a new way of looking at the world and the things in it. People will be happy if they have an open mind about how Uranus will approach things. The planet will rule over being original and making creations.

Uranus rules over the most new technology and future events. The planet will not like keeping things the way they are. They will want to break away from what has been done and make a new way. They will not change basic foundation things like science or electricity. Uranus will support the idea of a new world order. This planet will encourage revolt, uprising, absolute rulers, autonomous states, and free will.

Understanding the Energy of Uranus.. Astrological Symbolism

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Uranus will not ever be seen as subtle. The planet will push people to be unpredictable and have strange behavior. It pushes for complex ideas. Uranus finds independence and being creative important.

Uranus and Horoscope

However, Uranus can be unexpected and violent. It will rule over natural disasters. Uranus will take 84 years to orbit the zodiac. We have to remember that our masters Astrosophers of the past, had observed and studied the 7 Traditional Planets for thousands of years, before they really understood their true meaning and their place inside the Divine Project.

Too often they give random names and symbols without meaning to new celestial bodies. This name was chosen arbitrarily and it has not esoteric or symbolic value. The Astronomers chose it just because they had an argument about how to name the new Planet, so they chose Eris just because she was the Goddess of Discord in mythology.

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At that time only, we might give its real symbolic name. So, we have seen how those trans-saturnian Planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have their place inside the structure of the human psyche. Uranus is the first of trans-saturnian Planets, it takes almost 84 years to make a complete orbit, and transits for almost 7 years on each Zodiac Sign.

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  • But Saturn is pure form, while Uranus is pure energy. I hope one day we will restore the real alchemical symbols for the new Planets to hand down the Ancient Knowledge to the future.

    It embodies even the nonconformity , it refuses the current order, because Uranus is original; as we saw, god Uranus was the origin of all the other deities. Neptune is the next Planet beyond Uranus; it takes almost year to make a complete orbit, and transits almost 13 years on each Zodiac Sign.

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    If Uranus represents the more pragmatic and mental part of the Collective Unconscious, Neptune instead is the deepest, intuitive and spiritual part of it. It represents the hopes and the dreams of Mankind, it is the desire of spiritual elevation of Humanity. Because of that, Neptune finds its domiciles in Pisces and Sagittarius, into the reign of the most spiritual Planet: Jupiter.

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    But while Jupiter is the religious spirituality, the philosophical spirituality, Neptune is the mystic spirituality: the great intuition and wisdom of Jupiter come from knowledges and philosophical reasoning, instead the great intuition and wisdom of Neptune come from the unknown depths of the cosmic ocean, from the higher layers of Being, where everything in the Universe is connected. It is a direct channel to the source of the imagination, so it is also able to give birth to wonderful artistic creations. In fact, the shadow sides of Neptune can express themselves with the insanity used as refusal of the reality, or with the alcohol and drugs abuse in a desperate escape from reality.

    In fact, we saw a gradual revival of spiritual themes: Yoga, meditation, the new age movement, vegetarianism, etc. Currently Neptune is in Pisces, in its natural Domicile and Joy. To find out your Uranus sign, run a free chart here: www.

    Planet Meanings and Symbols

    As an icy gas giant, Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system. Science may reign over spirit where Uranus is concerned; or at least be incorporated into its systems. Think about astrology—a topic that is mystical but also trackable with data and math! Anyone can learn this star-powered divination tool, even if no one can clearly explain WHY it works.

    Uranus: The Planets in Astrology

    A weirdo among its solar system cohort, Uranus rotates on its axis in a retrograde motion. Radical developments happen when Uranus is in town, for better or for worse. Scary stuff!