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Unfortunately, only in the second part of the year you will be more efficient and you can feel a little lightness even in the sentimental sector with an energetic and sexual recovery. Cancer: quite complicated period that does not simplify the resolution of problems of love and work. Even at the economic level the situation is not excellent and we have to face numerous expenses that are not easy to manage.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Love that creates quarrels and that from June can lead to a separation or divorce. Leo: phase bad enough for you until June but after this month, Mars helps and supports all the new projects and those jobs where the energies are very useful. Meanwhile, the economic situation in the first few months is not complicated to manage but watch out for really useless expenses. Love slightly down. Virgo: beautiful astrological situation for you that you can carry out numerous projects at the working level with the ability to collect a lot of money and to carry out good projects together with other people.

On a sentimental level a new friendship could bring new emotions. Libra: during this phase of your life you have to be very careful about some professional problems that can lead to disastrous consequences. Do not trust people you know very little and do not invest too much money and risk losing everything. Very complicated and not very involving love. Scorpio: during this phase of your life things are going very well and at work level you can realize several professional projects. Meanwhile, love goes on very well and you can live happily hoping to have a child, get married or buy a new home to go and live together.

Sagittarius: from the month of June, things for you are clearly improving with so much energy and a success that can change your life in a truly incredible way. However, you have to be careful about the details and you do not have to be too superficial otherwise your situation can get slightly worse. Charm and increasing seductive power. Capricorn: during this period you must exploit the months when Saturn is in your sky together with Jupiter.

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Great luck, wonderful events and lots of happiness, especially for those who want to get married, go to live together, find a new home. Successes also on a professional level. Aquarius: as far as your financial situation is concerned, this period can bring several expenses that are not easy to manage but your ideas and your creativity can help you. From June you can easily carry out a project and also find financial support.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Love full of eros thanks to Mars but only from June. Pisces: beautiful astrological configuration that allows you to accomplish anything you want to achieve. Work projects, family projects, sentimental, economic. Financial investments that bring great successes and a love life full of security, maturity and many emotions to be experienced day by day. Today's horoscope. Tomorrow's horoscope.

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Horoscope of the week in progress. Horoscope of the month in progress. The time frame is from June though to the end of this year of I hope that these messages will being you new insights and additional information that will be helpful and useful to you, moving forward though the second half of the year.

Thank you so much! P eace and Blessings! I will look into my crystal for each sign and give you the messages I receive from my Spirit Guides and any other psychic feelings and impressions I receive. Hopefully they will bring additional insight and information that will be helpful for you. Thank You so much! Many Blessings and Peace! Even though these readings were for the month of June , the predictions went out for some of the signs as far as the first quarter of , and also the spring and even as far as June of in some cases.

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Thanks for all of your purchases! The messages and predictions in these readings cover approximately a 6 to 8 month time period, beginning July This 7 Card Star Tarot Spread will cover the heart of the matter going on with your sign, the present situation, your intellect and also emotions, what you desire, what has yet to happen and the outcome, all in regard to the energies these two July Eclipses affecting your sign.

I hope these messages and predictions in these Psychic Tarot Readings using The Star 7 Card Tarot Spread, will be helpful and useful for you right now, and moving forward. Blessings and Peace! August Through February In these videos I am using 2 different Tarot Decks, plus my crystal sphere, to get psychic messages and predictions for you in regard to the energies the Partial solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th , will be bringing in for your Zodiac sign, for the next 6 months. I used the Morgan Greer Tarot Deck to see what will be ending or exiting your life, and the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck to see what will be Beginning and entering your life, and then the crystal sphere to tie it all together.

I hope these psychic messages and predictions from my Spirit Guides will shed some light on what to expect from this particular eclipse. Thank you for all of your purchases of my Videos on Vimeo! In these six card psychic tarot readings, I have asked my Spirit Guides to give me predictions and messages, focusing on love and romance for both single and couples, for each zodiac sign, covering a time period of up to a year out into the future.

And for those who are single and unattached, I pulled three cards from the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck, which are both included in each video, for each sign of the zodiac. I hope these will be helpful and useful for you in the area of love and romance. Thanks so much! Farmer, and also pulled a gemstone crystal from my purple velvet bag of gemstones, for each Zodiac sign.

Pisces 2020 Horoscope

The messages I received using these Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards are geared around spiritual insights and guidance. There are also some predictive messages, but these readings are focusing more on broader soul - life themes to bring you awareness and healing. With the gemstone crystal I drew for your sign, I give you a description on the gemstone's key characteristics, including the details about the particular stone's energetic connections, what planets, zodiac signs, and chakras are associated with the stone, and the healing properties on how the stone can be useful in healing work on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies for your specific sign.

Time frames on these readings are now and go out one year in time from October to October of I am hopeful these readings will be helpful and guide you to more peace of mind and well being. Venus Retrograde Psychic Tarot Readings. The first of the 3 cards is focusing on what you may be struggling with, the second card is what or how you are clearing it out, and third card is how you.

These will be connected to you for quite some time, perhaps a year or two into the future. Thanks for purchasing my videos on Vimeo!

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In these Jupiter in Sagittarius Psychic Tarot and Crystal Reading videos, I am focusing on the energies of how Jupiter in Sagittarius will be effecting each sign of the Zodiac, and giving you psychic predictions and messages about how it will be affecting each sign of the Zodiac for this 1 year period Nov 9th - Dec 3rd I am pulling 3 cards from the Tarot Mucha Tarot Deck and also using my crystal to bring you messages and predictions from my Spirit Guides to help you navigate this planetary transit.

Thank you for purchasing all of my videos here on Vimeo. Weekly Horoscope. Monthly Horoscope. Yearly Horoscope for Single Love Horoscope. Today, for woman. Today, for man. Tomorrow, for woman. Tomorrow, for man. Partnership Love Horoscope. Horoscope today. Horoscope tomorrow. Monthly horoscope. More horoscopes.