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Your curiosity is leading you here, there and everywhere. You're flexible and accepting, and that's wonderful. But that's not all, folks. This time, you might even be the agent of change. So put your thinking cap on, and turn that bright, inquisitive eye toward any part of your life or the world around you that could use a little revamping. Anything that isn't working can change for the better under your deft touch.

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Mood : caring. Keywords : groups, original. Rating :. It doesn't matter whether you're under pressure, stretched tight or at loose ends. You could be all revved up or as subdued as a whisper.

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Today will find you vague and moody. It'll be harder than usual to fake sincerity if you're not feeling it. Flippant remarks might cut deeper than you intended. Try harder to stay in focus so that you can read the situation better. It's OK to let people know your current limitations, but you have to be kind about it. You'd expect the same courtesy.

Mood : groggy. Keywords : restless, uneasy.

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It's OK if your dreams are big. A healthy fantasy life is important, and who can control what their unconscious mind washes up? But there could be trouble if your hopes are as unrealistic as your dreams. You're flirting with movie stars whose lunch would cost you a week's pay. You're way too loose-lipped with other people's secrets.

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Common sense sinks beneath a flood of wannabe one-upmanship. This can't be healthy. Watch your back today. You might be having fun, but somebody else could take this way too personally.

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Mood : idealistic. Keywords : timid, bashful. Teamwork is restored at work, even if your relationships with your colleagues have been strained recently. You have the knack now of saying and doing the right thing to smooth over any cracks,…. As Fall sets in and darkness gathers, October is a great month to get yourself organized and to focus on your productivity. This is a good year for taking stock of where you are. Astrology can reveal fascinating insights into how you and that special someone match up in a romantic relationship.

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Do you get along like two peas in a pod, or do you go at it like Siamese fighting fish? Gemini Daily Horoscope. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday October 8 th , Keywords : groups, original Rating :.

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October 9 th , Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius — beware of taking a slash and burn attitude toward bending others to your will. Your passion is a double-edged sword. While it can motivate others into action, it can also be used to manipulate you. Stay sharp! Keep your head down and keep working. And watch your own tendencies to emotionally manipulate others.

Gemini: The Zodiac Signs by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Looking ahead, progress is slow on Saturday as the Moon eclipses Saturn — take some time out to relax and have some fun. If it's your birthday today, or the birthday of someone you know, think about pursuing justice, equality and fairness in the year ahead. Speak up for a cause that truly matters. September ends with a bang, as a Venus-Pluto square create a potential showdown. This can lead to hurt and misunderstanding. For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, watch your tendency toward selfishness and try to see all sides. Think before you speak. Taurus, Virgo and Libra will find the emotional tone of the day frustrating.

You tend to see things as black and white using your logic and reason, but try to sense the nuances today. If not, it might be good to spend some time alone. Looking forward to Friday, a Moon-Uranus trine brings some change and excitement to routines. For the Fire Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, your best decision-making tool is your gut, so use it today to intuit the best way to handle and solve situations. Quick reactions to problems may require you to use your imagination to find solutions instead. Instead, take a deep breath and make use of your psychic instincts.

Looking ahead, on Thursday, Mars enters Libra, possibly bringing in a passive-aggressive vibe. A gorgeous Libra New Moon blows kisses to all, and wants nothing more than for the whole world to get along and for everyone to play nicely.

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You find your attention is on relationship issues with friends, your sweetheart and business associates. This energy is sincere and sweet. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, you can be rigid and likely to hold a grudge. Use this lovely New Moon energy to lighten up and clear up any misunderstandings with the people in your life. It can be a fresh start. Claim the power of this Moon to clear your head and heart and bring harmony to your relationships.

Smile and reconcile! As we peek ahead to Wednesday, the Moon in Sagittarius might find you feeling restless and longing for more independence. The theme for today is progress. The Virgo Moon is perfect for getting things done.