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Masako has largely limited her public appearances since late , after giving birth to their only daughter, Princess Aiko, and facing pressure to produce a son.

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Naruhito has defended her and said he hopes Masako might slowly expand her role. The imperial household faces other uncertainties. George, the friend from Oxford, says he is confident Naruhito can handle his future duties.

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While at Oxford, where they often went out for drinks and dinners, the crown prince admitted how much he enjoyed the freedom of being a student. Still, he never lamented his destiny, George said. Rather, we focus on discussions related to local stories by our own staff.

You can relax and wind down from the relationship shake-ups of the previous year.

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You always do so well, pleasing your partner. Turn on your Tinderella powers as you jet off to new, adventurous, romantic possibilities. Watch out for spats that are stirred by jealous outbreaks. Find a way to heal your own wounds without inflicting harm on your partner.

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This year, the Universe is committed to changing your mind about love. Scorpios love a good plot twist anyway—so whatever comes up will surely keep you happy.

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Self-love is your battle cry this year, Sagittarius. Your love and care will help improve the condition of someone in the family.

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You can get lucky in a lucky draw on the property front. A gadget or machine may let you down when you need it the most if urgent repairs are not undertaken immediately. You will need to keep extra time up your sleeve, as you may need it.

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Something entrusted to you will be executed perfectly. You may start thinking romantic thoughts about someone you like.

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Extending help to someone who needs it desperately is foreseen and will boost your image on the social front. Sometimes it is best to let things take their own course, instead of interfering at every step.

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A windfall can be expected by some. Cash registers are likely to start ringing as a new venture tastes success. You are likely to get favourable treatment on the academic front. Feeling that something good is going to happen will continue the whole day and will not be without basis.