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Often Algol is the stronger influence so if this is the case, the Capulus with Algol native will often have dark blue eyes if not still dark brown. I have no idea why this seems to be the case! If you have a theory, please share it in the comments section.

Re-examining Tradition

Minerva is also Athene or Athena. Athena is known to be ruled by Mars.

Mars co-rules Scorpio. Isabel M. Hickey wrote of Minerva being connected to Pluto. Having realized that Neptune was seeking control over Minerva Athena, Pluto I decided to do a search on the two of them and excitedly found this:. Both of these powerful gods strived to win control of this land. To win over the Athenians, Poseidon threw his spear at the ground and produced the spring at the Acropolis. Poseidon was sure that providing the Athenians with this spring would win them over. She won over the Athenians and reigned victorious after her ingenious contribution of the olive tree. Poseidon was so angry at his loss that he flooded the Attic Plain.

Eventually, the two gods came over their differences and worked together to combine their powers for the greater good. For example, Athena built the first ship which was used to sail upon the sea belonging to Poseidon. Medusa was caught in the middle of their grudge. In some ways, he comes across as a whiny baby — how unbecoming of a God or is that quite expected? This article was inspired and received enlightenment through the Piries and Sexy Beast — you know who you are!

Algol and the Pleiades: the Stuff of Tragedy

Algol represents a strong consuming passion that may devour you with anger and rage. If one can contain an unconscious compulsion to take revenge, and from that passion return a more productive outcome, Algol is one of the most powerful stars in the sky. Whatever planet it affects in your chart will be charged with strong, intense sexual energy that has the potential to be wonderful, of if repressed, to lead to rage or violence. Patriarchy has a million and one ways to cast us either in the role of the mother or the whore, with little room in-between.

How do we carve out our own space and create a more just and creative world for women in the process?

The polarities of bigotry or tolerance, violence or kindness, cruelty or compassion, war or peace are issues that are unavoidable and must be dealt with under Medusa. Rosenberg Note: This, to me, is the polarity of Pisces-Virgo. Sexual predators, Artists musicians, vocalists, actors, writers, etc , Royalty, Religious leaders, Sports figures, Psychologists, and Astrologers have shown to have Algol feature prominently in their chart.

Women shining with Algol influences: Megan Fox. Interestingly, Neptune was not only the least aspected to Algol but also there were hardly as many recognizable celebrities that have it in their charts. Chiron Conjunct Algol — Luka Magnotta , accused of beheading victim in a sex crime! Want a personal reading, consultation?

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Abella "Jucy" Arthur has contributed posts in this blog. Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher , I'd love to be your guide, and provide a dynamic consultation.

Wow very intersting! I am in love with a man whose sun mars conjunction in scorpio is opposite jupiter conjunct algol.

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In my chart jupiter conjunct algol too, 10th house. I was very impressed with pisces and virgo characters in the story as I am pisces sun and his moon is in virgo. I did feel emotional harrasment from him, he absolutley intrude my soul, not yet my body though. Mind boggling. Well, it could have to do with the Mercury Conjunct Uranus aspect, in synastry, that I share with a special friend that inspired this post. Did you find that he changed over time?

The truth is I realized my issues with my mom, actually find out I have them as I always thought I had issues with my dad when I tried to figure out our feelings to each other. I am sure he has issues with his mom and was confronted with them through our interaction. Only time will tell. My connection to Algol men, reminds me of when I was working through my Mars in the 7th house. There were so many sub-plots and my mind was having a hard time accepting what was there. This is a safe way to excercise their demons. Feel free to come back now and then as I notice myself updating the article daily, tweaking, adding, etc about the fixed star Algol.

My reply was:. Emotional and sexual abuse of a woman who was initially quite strong, outwardly, but who then gets cut down in size over time. Dark hobbies or interests. There are other indicators, but I find those are the top three. I told her to get as far away from him as she could. He drinks alot too.

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  • Hi, Thanks for coming by. You mentioned he drinks a lot — does he have Sun or Mars Pisces, or Neptune poorly aspected?

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    Why did you tell her to get far away from him? Warm regards, Abella. I became interested in algol and astrology since I met this man half a year ago whom i am very attracted to which is not good because i was happily married before that. But what you were writing about the relationship between algol and medusa i so well could relate to. Plus I realised my jupiter natally conjuncts algol and my progressed mercury and moon is 2 degrees away from algol.

    He is totally under my skin. And what doesnt help the case that he is married and I am married have similar age teens. And what i sense in him the totally raw masculine energy and yet I think his wife was totally controlling and mothering him. That proves again what you wrote about Algol that he wants to be mothered but then he gets very spiteful when that happens.

    And where does that put me?

    Austin Coppock

    Am I Medusa or Algol? His moon conjuncts Jupiter on Algol. Do you think is that good or bad? As you said the attraction stirs very deep emotions in me and they are just killing me! I hope I can control some self destructive tendencies until progressed moon and mercury leaves Algol so after I just have to deal with the Natal Jupiter which is ok. I know one thing that I will never be the same after I met this man!

    Ah to talk about self undoing lol! Hi Anna, Yes I could follow you. You were missing something, intensity perhaps?! The Algol male has that in spades. A lot of Algol, Capulus, Schedir or other strong fixed star women connect with Algol men. Have you had a chance to look at that?

    But does it work that way for the women?!