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Eclipses are these agents of change. They occur four to six times a year and turn things upside-down. In our disoriented state, we may act out of character or see turbulence in the world.

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Eclipses can also help break patterns and shift dynamics. However, most astrologers suggest waiting a week or so before taking drastic action, allowing the eclipse energy to settle first. Solar eclipses occur at new moons. During a solar eclipse, the moon is directly between the Earth and Sun known as a conjunction , or meetup, of the Sun and the moon.

While it may be surprising—or not something you even expected—a solar eclipse has a bigger vision in store for us. At times, this can limit our perspectives, and cause us to miss out on opportunities.

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Solar eclipses might snatch away the familiar temporarily, forcing us to consider options we would never otherwise explore. This is when we should leap into new and generally improved terrain, even if we feel forced there by circumstances beyond our control. Lunar eclipses occur at full moons. During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the moon known as an opposition between the Sun and the moon.

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Depending on where in the world you are, an eclipse may be visible. What we discover about ourselves and others during lunar eclipses can be tough to admit, even shocking. Still, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness, and see where we have room to grow in new directions. Owning the fact that we have emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and rage is the first step to getting a handle on them.

Eclipses throughout history have gotten a bad rap.

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They were both revered and feared. The chart below is dominated by Mercury opposite the lunar eclipse, or Sun conjunct Mercury opposite Moon. Thinking, reading, writing, talking and walking will take up more of your time. Clear self-expression makes this a good time for information sharing. Mercury rules all trade like buying, selling and bargaining. Mercury also rules your nervous system, so rest and relaxation become important if the increased pace of life or social interaction gets too hectic for you.


This complicates your thought processes like decision-making and planning because of scrambled or polarized thinking. Your daily routines and conversations may cause stress and confusion because of emotional bias or simple lack of understanding.

Indecision is no more likely when you are forced to make decisions. To go with your heart of your head, with the rational Sun or intuitive Moon? In a relationship, this opposition may manifest as arguments between the archetypal logical man and emotional woman.

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In political debates, the polarization of ideas will become more extreme and more emotionally charged. With the Moon ruling clans, habits and primal instincts, other influences on your thinking may include addiction, racism and prejudice. Impartial Mercury sits with the Sun, so rational thinking and logic should prevail over your feelings and instincts. This applies to your decision-making, planning, and relationships issues.

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  5. Perhaps even common sense will, or at least should, prevail in the political process underway in America. Confirmation of this preference for logic over intuition can be found in the stars. It adds speed and confidence to decision-making and planning. It adds passion and sexual attraction to relationships and favors quick romances.

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    There is a competitive yet also a cooperative nature which makes winning come easy. Success and popularity result from a warm attractiveness, which also make this time ideal for pursuing your stronger than usual desires for intimacy. Improving sexual relations with your partner, or finding a new play-mate are real possibilities during the next six months.

    You should be feeling strong and courageous and can use your initiative to get the ball rolling and tackle difficult tasks. Increased sex drive is matched by increased charisma and magnetic charm. The sexy confidence you ooze is especially attractive so you should have little trouble having your most passionate desires fulfilled.

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    Quick thinking and decisiveness means that making plans is favored, where being more adventurous and taking risks should lead to positive results.